Courses & Seminars

Induction & basic self defence course

The main aim of the induction / basic self-defence course is to teach the basic principles of Israeli Martial Arts and self-defence. The class is of benefit not only for those considering taking up IMA, but also for those who simply require a one-off lesson in self-defence and counter-attacking.

The induction course teaches defences against all manner of attacks and threats from all around the body. Releases from dangerous grabs such as chokes are also covered, as are defences against various knife attacks and threats. In order to allow you to make decisive counter-attacks, you will be taught how to strike effectively and powerfully using hand combinations and feet. You will also learn close-quarter combat, (striking with elbows, knees, head butts, eye strikes etc). If your thinking about starting Krav Maga or are just interested in knowing what it may take to defend yourself these days this is the course for you.

General Krav Maga Seminars

VIP & 3rd party protection

Ok, so we're not talking about defending the Prime Minster here but we are talking about defending your VIPS, be them your family, your friends or your work collogues. You may be the best martial arts expert in the world but defending a partner or associate is something entirely different. Not only do you have to work out and accept the risks to yourself but you laos have to consider and accept the risks that your actions may have on the VIP. With this in mind the first thing we're going to teach you is how to asses the treat. Once you have assessed it and once you have come to terms with your worse case and best case scenarios you'll be better able to fully commit to the task which faces you.

Initially the seminar deals with movements and re-directing a VIP away from a incoming attack. We'll tech you how to put yourself between the VIP and the attacker so you can physically block or counter them. We'll teach you basic techniques for when you need to rescue someone from a fight or brawl so you don't become entailed yourself. From here we look at weapon threats against a VIP, maybe a knife to their throat or a gun to their head. Given time we'll also look at some team work drills.

Knife on knife

So you think you can defend hands only against a true knife attacker? Well before you make that statement you should consider there are many differences between how a street thug may attack us with a knife and how a trained knife fighter will attack and despatch us. This seminar starts by teaching us the basics of knife fighting along with the more advanced techniques of opening up a defender and overcoming their defences. It covers areas such as types of knives, methods of holding a knife, knife stance, angles of attack, areas of attack, type of attack, movement (advancement, retreat, circular), attacking techniques, defensive techniques, knife drills and lots more.

Defence against threats - verbal & weapon

What would you do if an attacker put a knife to your throat and told you to do something? In the UK the official line is that you should cooperate fully and give the attacker what they want. This is fine if they just want your wallet or your phone but in Israel they sometimes have a different approach. If a suicide attacker walks into a restaurant and threatens to blow themselves up then handing over your phone or wallet just isn't going to be enough.

So OK, were not looking at suicide bombers here but the threat is no less real. What would you do if an attacker asked you for something you couldn't give?! In this seminar we look at the problems associated not only with weapon threats but also general threats of attack. You will learn how to assess the threat, weigh up your options and perform defensive techniques that will allow you to overcome any attacker. The seminar starts by looking and considering the problems faced with verbal threats, we'll consider our options for dealing with an aggressor based on our situation, the distances between us and the type of body and verbal language their using. Then we expand beyond the threat to where it turns nasty, where a physical defence against a punch or kick is needed. Once we have these principles instilled we'll look at applying them to threats which involve a weapon such as a hand gun or knife and if time allows also against multiple attackers.


When it comes to firearms the general 6 principles of disarming are clear enough, What isn't so clear however is what your going to do with the firearm once you have it. In this seminar we'll teach you how to utilize and understand the weapon. How to aim it and shoot it the Israeli way and how to fix it when it fails. Firearms are mechanical instruments and in order to fire one you need to know the mechanics of the weapon, how to load it, cock it, apply safety's, unload and clear a jam. By gaining this knowledge, the reverse affect will also apply in that it teaches us how to effectively cause a weapon to malfunction while disarming an attacker.

Please note this seminar is conducted using the latest 6mm Gas Operated Blow-Back pistols and as such no firearms certification is required.

Knife Defence

The main aim of this seminar is to cover attacks with knives and other sharp objects but of course who's to say we cant use these same techniques and principles against unarmed attackers too.

The seminar starts by teaching students techniques which will allow them to defend themselves against the ever increasing risk that more people are now carrying knifes and such like objects. First we'll teach you to block or deflect the weapon attack at close range and from all angles of attack, to apply forceful counter attacks and if needed to take control of the attacker so as to disarm them. From here, the seminar goes on to examine the problems faced when dealing with a knife attacker at increased distances, applying multiple attacks at high speed, we'll take you through scenarios that will increase and quicken your decision making capabilities so your movements, defences and counter attacks become better targeted and more instinctive.

Kapap Seminars

Kapap...can only really be described as the next step up from Krav Maga. Krav Maga is based on simplicity and speed of teaching, everyone and anyone can become practical in Krav in a very short space of time. Kapap is slightly different, it requires more skill, more movement, its designed to take student to the next level of self defence. With kapap you expect the attacker to be of a greater skill, more able to retain any weapon they may have and more able to better utilise it.

Kapap I

In this seminar we look at the basics of Kapap and see how the Military system has been adapted for Civilian and/or Law Enforcement use. The first lesson teaches you the techniques used to drop or take out a sentry. Your taught how to open up an attacker, how to draw them off balance and then how to take them down. From here we teach you methods of control via pain compliance techniques and how to apply disabling chokes. Later in the seminar we look at and train the basics of knife on knife, we examine the differences between a skilled, fast moving, dynamic combat knife specialist and a civilian thug with a knife. Once you understand the tactics employed by the specialist, we'll get rid of your knife and start to teach you how to defend with just your hands. Finally and to see how all of this works we'll end the session with a few stress games and conditioning exercises.

Kapap II

Kapap 2 starts in much the same way as Kapap 1 by re-establishing the basic masking and takedown techniques used in Kapap. For those who have attended previous courses it will act as a welcome refresher but for those new to Kapap you'll be learning some of the most fundamental techniques used throughout the Kapap system. From here we'll examine some of the distraction techniques used in Kapap and we'll see how these techniques can be used by either individuals who wish to escape a would-be violent encounter or by special forces operating as a snatch squad. We'll then combine these techniques with the takedowns and teach you how to apply them in defence of street attacks such as punches and grabs. In the second part of the seminar we examine the stick, baton or even an umbrella as a weapon and also as a defensive object. You'll initially be taught how to see the stick as an extension of your own arm and as such you'll quickly learn how to apply the stick to takedown an attacker and/or to apply a leverage. From here we'll go stick on stick and teach you the basic principles of dynamic stick fighting which encompasses all the aspects of Israeli Martial arts such as movement, blocking/deflecting, counter attacking. Once we've spent some time learning how to fight with a stick like object we'll show you some of the tools and methods used to defend yourself against an attacker with a stick when your only weapons are your hands and feet. Finally and to see how all of this works we'll end the session with a few stress games and conditioning exercises. If your thinking about attending Kapap II? You may like to read this Note.

Other courses available on request :- Threat and risk / conflict management . First aid first person on scene. IPS point shooting and many more call for further details and bookings..........

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