Your Common Questions

Q) Can I just come down?

A) Yes , Please feel free to come and see us on the days the club is running, or give me a call or e mail

Q) What clothes should I wear or what equipment should I bring?

A) Normal gym wear is fine, we do not wear a Gi. Training shoes are also permitted

Q) Do I have to attend the Induction Course before attending the weekly classes?

A) No

Q) Why would I want to attend the Induction/Basic Self Defence Course?

A) For potential students; The induction course will give you a good grounding and better starting point from which to lean Krav Maga, without doubt you’ll be more prepared and better able to grasp the weekly classes.

For someone who only requires a one-off Self Defence training course the Induction will teach you the basic principles of Krav Maga. Once you have taken these principles on board then you’ll be better able to weight up any future situation which may require a Self Defence action from you and as such you’ll be fully aware and ready to apply the defences and counter strikes with the sole goal of being able to survive and overcome any potential action.

Q) Are their any requirements or prerequisite before attending the seminars?

A) In most cases some previous experience will be required to allow you to gain the most benefit from the seminars. If you’re an absolute beginner then you should at least attend the induction course. If you’re from a traditional martial arts back ground then you’ll most probably need to adjust your mind set for the day and if you’re from an aggressive fighting system then you should fit right in.

Q) What weapons training do you cover?

A) Knife, Gun, Stick and Long Gun. However its Krav Maga so any things a weapon !!

Q) What’s the difference between the Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military Krav Maga systems?

A) Firstly it’s all one system. The techniques we teach to a civilian, law enforcement officer or military personal are all the same but with some slight variations to fit their job requirements, roles and tasking. A typical example is that no civilian will probably ever need to learn how to handcuff and lead away someone.

Q) How fit do I have to be to train?

A) This is like asking how long a piece of string is?!  We cater and train all levels of fitness for all ages and for all body sizes.

Q) Will I get fitter?

A) Most definitely but not in a way you would maybe notice. The emphasis in Krav Maga is teaching Self Defence not getting student fits. While some martial arts systems will have you doing squats and sit-ups for hours we will not, every exercise we have will have some application or association to self defence. Student’s come to us to learn Krav Maga not for a fitness class. If this is what you’re after try your local gym.

Q) Will I get hurt or injured?

A)  We consider ourselves to be a semi-contact club whose emphasis is on teaching realistic self defence. This means you will be training hands on with partners of all sizes and all strengths. All our classes are structured and supervised.  The level at which you train will be most likely determined by you and your partners according to a level of intensity set by the instructor. Like most physical sports the risk of injury does exist but our most common complaints are bruising to the arms and legs when carrying out blocking techniques. The simplest way to avoid these is to buy forearms guards etc.